Personalized Programs

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Looking to find a diet that is UNIQUE to you? 
Are you tired of trying one fad diet after the other? Don’t know what is the best information out there to listen to and why it doesn’t work for you body?  People don’t know who to turn to for individual diet plans— Doctors aren’t trained on nutrition and we aren’t taught in school. This is where I can help. Each of my clients gets personalized attention to learn about nutrition in a step by step process so they can gradually learn what works best for them —no crash course dieting, nothing scary, just taking the time to try new things and see what feels best. Sound like fun? It is. I went through this program myself and it was the start of my healthy and happy life!


Improve eating habits & increase your energy
All of my clients start to feel a new sense of energy from the food they are eating and the excitement it brings. One of my clients was trying out a test with a different food every day and declared to me ‘I stopped in the middle because once I found this food combination I felt fantastic and it was all I wanted to eat in the mornings!’.


Cut back or completely cut out drinking alcohol
I have noticed a big theme with clients that revolves around drinking too much alcohol— whether it was from habit, social pressure or as a way to deal with stress. One of my clients had issues around feeling the need to drink every time she went out with friends or at work functions. For her, it was about reframing her thinking about how she looked at the situation and what was more important— her health or what other people wanted her to do. For another client it was about getting healthy and integrating a specific workout routine to focus on that helped her reduce her intake over time.


Identify food allergies/sensitivities
Food allergies are becoming more and more common and many of us just assume it isn’t going to happen to me. We all get used to eating the foods we have had our whole lives and don’t want to think about cutting out something we love. As with one of my clients, the continually felt awful every time they at wheat and finally had to face the fact that it was the thing making her sick. We worked on making sure it was cut out of her diet and replaced with new, satisfying options.

Become more grounded, centered and calm
Everyone is stressed out— plain and simple. I have lots of tricks and tools to get you more centered and grounded throughout your day. There might be one that works or a mix of 5 different things. I teach all of my client different breathing techniques to instantly calm them and to use throughout their day. I have a lot of resources to share and also do guided meditations that clients are invited to for free. One of my clients was so distraught when she came into the session she didn’t think she was going to get through it. I walked her through a short breathing exercise and she instantly calmed down. At the end of our sessions she thanked me and said ‘I really didn’t think our session was going to be productive because of how upset I was at the beginning, thank you for helping my calm down— it actually turned out to be productive.’


Looking for something more than material life and ready to open up spiritually
We live in a material world and once I was a very “material girl” but I soon realized that all the things I could buy weren’t going to make me feel more whole, more full or happy. It is here where we have to start to look inward and figure out what is missing that we are looking for the outside world to fulfill. We can start to ask some bigger questions of life and what you are looking for, what questions you have and find a way to connect to that which is bigger than you and fill your heart. I have clients who have specifically wanted to work on this aspect and there is such growth. I have a couple of clients that started to come to terms with what death meant to them and how they can look at their lives differently as those around them got sick or passed. Other clients have been curious about starting meditation practices and becoming more present— they started to notice their relationships get better, focus on the work they wanted to do and let go of that which wasn’t serving them any longer.