personal styling

Part of glowing on the outside is wearing clothes that make you feel great. There is something about putting on a new shirt that you just love and feels so amazing on your skin…and suddenly you feel great on the inside and shine on the outside.

I worked in the fashion business for over 5 years and have been doing personal styling for the same amount of time. I love meeting with people to understand what they need in their wardrobe and what type of look they desire—and then making that happen for them.

If you are feeling like you need a little fashion lift, wardrobe rehaul or you maybe just hate shopping—I am here to help.

Here are a few of the services i offer:

  • closet clean-out
  • seasonal refresh
  • wardrobe re-haul

Please email me with any questions and we can set up time to discuss your styling needs.


“Marissa’s talent for knowing what clothes and styles look good on me has been such a timesaver. Clothes I would never have choosen on my own look great, fit well, and bring my closet up to date. She encourages me to try new colors and styles and is (very nicely) honest about what looks good and what doesn’t. I highly recommend her styling services!” – Kath B.