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colorful salad.

When you get bored with your wardrobe– do you spice it up with some bright colors? Need a little energetic boost in your day? When I am feeling like I want to shine… Continue reading

cabbage cleaner.

This time of year many people start to cleanse or give up certain foods after the winter months of heavier, warmer foods. Cabbage is a lighter cruciferous vegetable that is high in Vitamin… Continue reading

poached eggs a la Moad (gluten free, dairy free)

I know you are thinking, um…she spelled mode incorrectly. But ‘a la mode’ means on top of ice cream and I think that would be rather disgusting with eggs. Moad is a childhood… Continue reading

a sugar-free alternative to hot cocoa. (and dairy-free)

When the weather is just frigid outside like it has been this winter — sometimes you want something warm and comforting to drink at night. I am a big tea drinker but sometimes… Continue reading

Post-winter clean eating.

Had your fill of heavier foods after the winter? As Spring shows up— its a great time to start cleansing your body and your diet. Some people might think– now is a great time… Continue reading

stuffed mushrooms. (gluten free)

Most stuffed mushrooms that I have come across are filled with some breading mixture– which isn’t ideal when you are allergic to gluten (fine if you are making yourself with gf bread). I… Continue reading

roasted colorful cauliflower.

I saw this cauliflower at a farmers market the other day and had to get it— yes, because of its color. It was just too fun looking  to pass up. But beyond that,… Continue reading

poached eggs with spinach + mushrooms

I haven’t had eggs benedict in a really long time but I wanted to try making a healthier version of them. For these eggs I used spinach sautéed with onions instead of ham.… Continue reading

healthier comfort foods

When fall comes, we tend to start craving comfort foods as it gets colder and we want something to warm us up.  Instead of going for the mac n’ cheese that most of… Continue reading

lentil veggie soup

It is soup season! I love soup and it is a great way to get a lot of your veggies into one delicious serving. Plus, when you add in lentils it provides you… Continue reading

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    "When I met Marissa, it was at a time when I needed direction through some of life's hard bumps.
    She provided me with not only strong guidance, but a wonderful holistic approach that help me listen to my inner voice and to truly care for myself.
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  • "A friend of mine recommended Marissa to me when I was talking to him about my recent diagnosis of a gluten allergy and a desire to become more healthy in all aspects of my life. I had no idea, when we first met, the impact she would be making in my life. Marissa walked me through the weeks of health coaching and through our conversations and exercises it became quite obvious that the issues in my life were not so much food related but only manifested themselves in an unhealthy relationship with food. After we finished the health portion of the workshop I chose to continue working with Marissa on a spiritual exploration. This exploration allowed a spark in me to catch fire which set in motion some of the largest changes I have experienced in my adult life. Working with her helped me see how to simplify things and make significant strides in having a more full but less hectic life. Today I am a stronger but more thoughtful person and I have Marissa to thank for opening me up to a different way of living life." -Lauren N.
  • "Working with Marissa has been a tremendous and eye-opening experience. She focuses on the importantance of a holistic approach to health - food, exercise, and spirituality - and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to develop a better and more connected relationship with myself and those around me. What I love most about Marissa is that she fully embodies what she teaches because this is her passion - not just her profession. Everytime i work with Marissa I learn something new that helps me on my path to feeling more feel more grounded, aware, and spiritually connected. " -S.C.
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