difficult moments.

Our lives are filled with good moments, bad moments and everything in between. It is what we do withdifficult moments the difficult moments that is most meaningful. Do we push them away? Do we pretend like they aren’t happening and focus on something else? Or do we actually take the time to allow these times to open our eyes to something larger that is happening. Open our hearts to feel vulnerable and admit pain, sorrow, fault, love….

I find myself going through many of these moments as my life has changed so significantly in the past year. There are times when I have wanted to burrow away and just not talk to anyone. And times like right now where I want to acknowledge the difficult moment I am experiencing. I want to say, “this was hard, I feel raw and totally vulnerable and I have periods of doubt”. I know in my heart that I made the right choice but it doesn’t mean that it was easy or doesn’t cause pain.

I believe the more we acknowledge what we are going through the more we can move through that space — especially if we are willing to open our eyes and see things beyond what we were willing to see before. And open our hearts to feel the pain or uncomfortableness and let it drain away so that it can be filled with light.