tummy issues?

As someone with Celiac’s disease, I have had my fair share of stomach aches, pains, bloating, grumbles and more. Often I TUMMYthink it is just that I have eaten gluten accidentally but many times it is not. Sometimes there are foods that don’t sit with me as well —like overly spicy foods, too much raw food or certain greens that are harder to digest.

Everywhere I go, I talk to people and they can tell me about some stomach issue they are having. Stomach pains post-meal, bloating, aches that come and go, acid reflux and the list goes on. The causes of stomach problems can vary just as vastly as the symptoms themselves but it is a good idea to try and listen to your body and see if you can get to the root of the cause instead of just downing some pills to stop the ache. If you have had antibiotics at all recently, that a can wipe out the good bacteria in your gut and cause pain and bloating with foods you haven’t had issues with prior. I have even experienced pulling my back throwing certain vertebrae out of alignment that will effect your stomach and cause digestion to slow down. How bout that?

Even though there is a long list of causes it is good to know some potential reasons for what could be causing you any tummy discomfort and some tips to address them and create better digestion. Here are some things to think about and tips if you notice some stomach issues:

  1. What have you eaten so far that day? If you have an acidic stomach try vegetarian chicken soup to ease and balance it out.
  2. Pause, take some deep breaths and think about whether anything is really stressing you out > Stress is a huge cause of stomach issues (the stomach is also called the second brain) so whatever you are worrying about can straightaway effect the stomach and how it reacts (cramps, aches, acid reflux— which can lead to things like ulcers) article
  3. Are you eating too fast? Running to meetings, scarfing your food? Find yourself always bloated after eating? Make sure you are really enjoying your food and eating slowly. Try taking 20 bites of food before swallowing— its hard! But the digestive process starts in the mouth so make sure you are actually chewing your food.
  4. If you have been eating too many carbs (processed foods, breads, sugars, etc) you might need to rebalance the bacteria in your gut since these foods tend to feed the bad bacteria and cause more yeast in the belly. Try eating fermented foods like: Miso soup, kimchi, kombucha and even including a probiotic into your daily routine.

There are many more reasons for tummy issues and I will continue to write more on the subject as it is pretty extensive. But if you have extreme stomach pains that don’t subside in a day or two then don’t hesitate to call a doctor to make sure its not something serious. Otherwise, most stomach issues can be dealt with via stress reduction and whole foods.