my move out west. and what it stirred up.

Ever since I was in college, I have had dreams of living on the west coast. I thought I could be a california girl and would just love being by the beach all the time…since that is what I loved on the east coast. One thing or another always got in the way of moving. My first job, a boyfriend, then my second job (I couldn’t pass this up), family, not to mention my group of friends that have become like family and FOMO (fear of missing out). Years went by, and still I was in the same area and really didn’t see myself moving unless something like a job brought me out west.

What I eventually realized, with the help of some great coaches and healers, was that I was getting in my own way. Or rather, I had certain belief systems in my head that I had created many, many years ago that were keeping me from moving. Things like “I can’t move all they way across the country by myself” or “I won’t know anyone when I get there and I will be lonely”. These statements were just made up by my own thinking and I could not blame anyone or anything else. I just adopted these beliefs as true and that is one major area that held me back from making moves forward in my life…or rather west.

Once I got past these beliefs and was able to tell people I was leaving my job and moving out west, the response I got was really interesting. There were a lot of “I am so jealous” or “ugh, I want to do that”. And I would respond “well, you can do it too!” and I would get a sigh back and some stirring of why they couldn’t or it was unreasonable. But what I noticed is that everyone has these limiting beliefs about themselves and think that they can’t do something for one reason or another. When you feel yourself coming up with excuses for something, ask yourself— “Is this true or is this a statement I have created in my head?”. You might start to learn some things about yourself if you take prtld Treesnote.

So, now that I am in Portland, OR I have realized two very important things. I CAN move all they way across the
country by myself and I AM NOT lonely — everyone here is really nice and I have already made a lot of friends. All my old beliefs were bull-honkey. So take that silly mind….score one for me.