poached eggs a la Moad (gluten free, dairy free)

I know you are thinking, um…she spelled mode incorrectly. But ‘a la mode’ means on top of ice cream and I think that would be rather disgusting with eggs. Moad is a childhood nickname of mine and I liked the way it sounded for a recipe I came up with this morning on the fly. I have been eating a lot of poached eggs lately, trying different ways to prepare them, trying them at restaurants and I think they are my new favorite way to eat eggs.

What I mixed together today was a combination of left overs and some of the flavors I like to use pretty often. I had polenta left over from last nights dinner and thought with the eggs it might need something extra to make it creamier and more tasty. Since I am not a big fan of using cheese (there are many issues that cheese/milk products can cause women and adults) I thought hummus would be a good replacement. So, I just heated up the polenta I had and added 2 TBLS of hummus and mixed in on a low heat.

The next ingredient is salsa and I don’t think any salsa will do for this combination of flavor. There is one particular one that has chipotle in it and gives a smokey, spicy flavor to the egg dish. This is the one that I have found at local stores:











Once you have poached the egg, just put the creamy polenta in a bowl, add a layer of salsa and place the egg on top. I promise you, this is a really tasty dish and I am excited to make it again already. I think next time adding some greens to it will take it up a notch— if you do, please tell me how it turns out!

poached eggs