healthier comfort foods


asparagus risotto

When fall comes, we tend to start craving comfort foods as it gets colder and we want something to warm us up.  Instead of going for the mac n’ cheese that most of us ate growing up– try something that is equally comforting but doesn’t have all those preservatives, dairy or salt.

I made Lemon asparagus risotto, pictured here, that was a super warm and comforting meal. Since it wasn’t my original recipe I won’t post it here but some tips to make your risotto a healthier version than some recipes you might find:

  • I find that the rice to veggie ratio in these is sometimes off and i end up with way more rice in my bowl than I want. So throw in more veggies!
  • Almost all recipes say to add parmesan cheese at the end but try cutting out the dairy– in this  recipe adding more lemon juice and pepper gave it great flavor.
  • Go fully dairy free and replace butter with an Earth Balance spread that is just as tasty and healthier than using a stick of butter.

Be creative and try to make your own healthier version of a risotto to replace those boxed comfort food meals!

Good luck and be well.