nix the sandwich. embrace the lettuce wrap.

The sandwich is something we all grew up with and for some, probably ate almost every day of our childhood. It is a staple in many peoples diets— partly because of habit, part because it is easy and it seems to be the main lunch option for most. But sometimes what we do as habits aren’t necessarily good for us. Are you in a lunch rut? It is good to mix up the food you are eating and add some variety as well as cutting back on bread/processed foods.

The lettuce wrap is a great way to change up your  sandwich and get more greens into your meal.  It also is a lighter and healthier version of a wrap that cuts out a lot of excess carbs from regular wraps or bread.

Here are a few examples of wraps I am eating right now:

Mexican lettuce wrap:

mexican lettuce wrap



  This is a great alternative to those heavy taco’s or burritos that fill you up because of all tortillas. This is just a quick stir fry of rice, beans and green peppers as the filling to the lettuce. Add salsa for some extra flavor and color.





Veggie lettuce wrap:

veggie wrapThis is a super simple wrap to make. Use Romaine lettuce leaves and fill with hummus,

red peppers, avocado and a tiny bit of cheddar cheese if you do well with dairy. Its fresh, crisp and

delicious for summer!

veggie lettuce wrap