recycle your side dish.

I am sure many of us have just tossed the little leftover food from a dinner here and there but you may want to think twice about doing that. Each year, Americans toss about 33 billion tons of food which equates to about $165 billion dollars wasted. So, before you toss that rice (or in my case today—polenta) think about how much food is wasted and what creative way you can recycle your food.

I had some leftover polenta from a dinner dish I had a couple of nights ago. I didn’t need it any longer for my dinner meal so I decided to turn it into my breakfast.

How to remake a grain for breakfast:

  • Add some almond or cocunut mil and reheat
  • Mix in some chopped nuts
  • Add honey or some berries

Should take you less than 5 minutes to do this—and no wasted food!