farmers market fresh.

Have you gone to your local farmers market lately? Do you know where there is one near you? If not, you can go here to find out.

I love hitting up these markets—not only does it support local farmers but you know exactly where your food is coming from AND you can talk to the people who work at the farm themselves to understand more about what produce or meat they are selling.

Every so often I try to pick up something that I haven’t seen or tried before. greens + pearThis past weekend I saw a bunch of mixed greens that looked interesting. I asked the woman at the stand about it and she said it was an Asian mixture of leaves that are all very similar to the spinach family.

So, i got them and took her suggestion of simply sautéing with garlic and olive oil; and then I added a splash of Bragg’s and some chopped up pears. Placed  on top of some quinoa— so delicious!

mixed greens