trend tidings: peter pan collar

 peter pan collarYou may have seen this type of collar before. Possibly on a younger girls dress or maybe you actually remember it from the peter pan movie itself where it gets its name. It has been popping up in fashion lately and its not the first time (or probably its last). I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest. It’s cute but I think maybe too cute for me.

I do like how it has been mixed here with a bird pattern and the dark color is in contrast to the rest of the shirt as opposed to the basic white collar that is more well known.

In terms of styling, I would pair this with a pair of black skinny pants and a black flat. To dress it up a bit you could go with a black pencil skirt and a small heel. Either way, I have this shirt for now and will try it out. Whether the trend sticks around for more than a season we shall see. What do you think?