relax. its still summer.

did you recently look up and realize its August? well i did and i needed to remind myself that summer isn’t over just yet and there is still time to do those things on my summer list.sun through tree

do you sometimes feel so stressed out because there is just too much to do before the weekend? or your list never ends at work before you leave for vacation? we all get so busy in our lives whether it be those endless work emails, family, friends or that long list of to-do’s that we forget to just stop and and take a breath.

try taking a short break and just doing some breathing exercises to slow you down. why you may ask? well, breathing excerces can help you:

  • slow down your heart rate
  • reduces stress
  • lowers blood pressure
  • help your sleep
  • even out extreme emotions

the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and need to relax try this breathing excersice:

  • sit in a quiet place, back straight and close your eyes
  • breath in through your nose and fill you stomach full.
  • hold for second and then exhale over the back of the throat and out of your nose (as you would in yoga)– do 4 times.
  • for the next set breath in and fill your stomach and your lungs. repeat  above step and do 4 times.
  • lastly breath in and fill your stomach, lungs and go deeper to the top of your head and hold. repeat exhale step and do 4 times.
  • exhale. how do you feel?

now that you are hopefully a bit more relaxed… think about what it is that you have wanted to do all summer. how you can carry that forward with you later into the year so you remember to relax and enjoy life?

“One must maintain a little bittle of summer, even in the middle of winter.”  

― Henry David Thoreau