breakfast alt to oatmeal.

So, if you are bored with oatmeal or would like to have an alternative to it I highly recommend buckwheat. As someone with Celiac’s disease, I am the few in that group who cannot tolerate oatmeal. I love warm hearty cereals on cooler days and so I had to start investigating to find something new—and I came across buckwheat which is my new favorite! (and yes its gluten-free!!!).

You can buy buckwheat at most whole food stores either loosely or it also comes in boxes. It cooks pretty quickly on the stove and you can add all sorts of fruits, nuts and honey to sweeten or change it up from day to day. Pictured here I added pomegranate seeds that give it a great flavor and a fun pop. Give it a try and mix it up your way!


buckwheat cereal with pomegranate seeds