more than white rice.

have you ever heard of amaranth? quinoa? teff? buckwheat? I’m guessing you have maybequinoa heard of one of those grains but have you ever actually bought or cooked any of them? probably not.

well, thats ok because most americans have never heard of any of those grains before and its not our fault. our countries distribution of grains has been extremely limited to that of white rice. go to any grocery store and you will see many varieties of white rice, brown rice, basmati, etc. but the awful truth is that these are probably the least nutritious grains for you of all that are out there!

the main reason these grains are so good for you is beacuse they are packed with fiber. fiber is a form of carbohydrate but is not digested or absorbed by the body. instead it is used to keep our digestive track healthy by forming and eliminating waste from the body. some benefits of fiber are that it helps move along the digestive process faster. it reduces cholesterol by soaking up bile as part of bile is cholesterol and gets rid of it. and it can help maintain weight because you feel full longer.

so not all carbs are bad– you just need to eat the whole grain ones!